Compilation Computer Science

File/ Folder – Common storage unit/method for organizing files
a discrete model studied in computability theory, mathematics, physics, complexity science, etc. it consists of a regular grid of cells, each in one of a finite number of states, such as on or off. The grid can be any finite number of dimensions. For each cell, a set of cells called its neighborhood is defined relative to the specified cell. An initial state (time t=0) is selected by assigning a state for each cell. A new generation is created (advancing t 1), according to some fixed rule (generally, a mathematic function) that determines a new state of each cell in terms of the current state of the cell and the states of the cells in its neighborhood. Conway's game of life is one of the best examples

life depends on the number of live cells that are neighbors – Cellular Automata

Describes the Best so far variable role. – This variable role will check to see if it is better than the current value and will only supersede it if it is.
Record – Data structure consisting of multiple fields of information.
Gateway – connects networks that use different link layer protocols
Multitasking – Simultaneous running of two or more programs
Scanner – For accepting input from a user
Consider the fib method from the textbook shown below: public static long fib(int n){ if (n
System software – performs machine oriented tasks to run the computer
operator precedence – in programming languages, an order relation defining the sequence of the application of operators within an expression
CPU – The part of a computer system that is the "brains" of the machine, and that performs the arithmetic, makes decisions, and executes program instructions is called the ___. It is a hardware component that is found inside the computer console.
Cоnsider the fib methоd frоm the textbook shown below: public stаtic long fib(int n){ if (n
Validation – Are we building the right product?
List 2 capabilities of an expert system: – decision making, planning, design, diagnosis
Programming Steps – 1. describe problem
2. design storyboard
3. Write code
4. test
Name 2 examples of hybrid devices: – Touch Screen & games Controller
IP Address – Numbers assigned to each computer that communicate over the Tcp/IP communication protocol

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