Physics I

Bernoulli's principle – Highest velocity at the point of maximum narrowing. Pressure is lowest here
momentum (Glossary definition) – Inertia in motion. The product of the mass and the velocity of an object (provided the speed is much less than the speed of light). Has magnitude and direction and therefore is a vector quantity. Also called linear momentum, and abbreviated *p*.
*p = mv*
photography – allows astronomers to make more detailed observations
Coefficient of Kinetic friction – Between the two surfaces relates the frictional force to normal force
Acceleration – What is the rate at which the velocity of an object changes?
source of all waves – vibration
Acid – A substance that donates hydrogen ions. Any compound that produces hydrogen ions (H+) in water thereby reducing the pH of water to a value below 7.
Physics – The nature and propertys of of matter and energy
Sine Curve – A 2D representation of a transverse wave.
What does the gradient on a velocity time graph show? – The steeper the line, the greater the acceleration
Potential energy. Voltage times charge –
Definition of Attenuation? – The reduction of the amplitude and intensity of a wave as it travels through a medium.
-"the progressive weakening of sound as it travels"
Potential Energy – The energy that something posses because of its position
Potential energy. Voltage times charge –
Explain what happens as a liquid is heated and evaporates. – Particles absorb heat
they move faster and rise to the surface
some escape from the forces of attraction
they take heat energy with them leaving the remaining liquid cooler
Work – The product of the magnitudes of the component of a force along the direction of displacement and the displacement.
G.2.2 Power of a converging lens – The reciprocal of the focal length of the lens
source of all waves – vibration
If we lived on a planet where red light was most scattered in the atmosphere and the blue light was least scattered in the atmosphere, the sky would look – red and the sunsets blue.

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