Convert the following switch into a functionally identical i…


Cоnvert the fоllоwing switch into а functionаlly identicаl if/elseif/else by arranging the provided lines of code in the correct order. Many of the lines will NOT be used. You’ve just gotten into comics and are about to call someone out on TikTok for failing to know the difference between a “hero” and a “superhero”, but don’t want to make the same mistake. You searched Reddit and found an algorithm to help you decide which word to use but your MATLAB is broken and doesn’t allow for the use of switch. You need to convert this algorithm quick so you can turn on the burner and flame this fool.  Rearrange the lines of code to create a block of code that is functionally identical to the following:  switch power     case 'laser eyes'         class = 'super hero'    case {'karate', 'wealth'}         class = 'regular hero'    otherwise         class = 'human' end  Available lines to rearrange... A - class = 'other' B - class = 'super hero' C - if isequal(power, 'laser eyes') D - if isequal(power, 'wealth') & isequal(power, 'karate') E - if isequal(power, 'wealth') | isequal(power, 'karate') F - else G - power = 'wealth' H - elseif isequal(power, 'laser eyes') I - elseif isequal(class, 'human') J - power = 'laser eyes' K - power = 'karate' L - if isequal(power, 'wealth', 'karate') M - class = 'regular hero' N - end O - elseif isequal(class, 'super hero') P - class = 'human' Q - if isequal(class, 'regular hero')   Show your answer by typing the letters that proceed your line choices in the appropriate order in the space provided below. Your answer should be a sequence of letters such as AGFLKNEM. Not all lines will be used.

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