Computer Science Test #1

Name 5 types of Memory: – RAM, ROM, Virtual Memory, Cache Memory & Flash Memory
compiler – a program that translates language statements into machine code; it translates an entire program at once before any part of the program can execute
Spam – unsolicited commercial email.
public forward(double distance); – modifier method, moves forward
voltage – is the energy difference per electron between two locations. The energy can be converted to kinetic energy when electrons fall from low voltage to high voltage.
Bug – Unexpected problem with hardware or software
Which of the following does a transaction log NOT help with?
Count- Controlled Loop – Instruction that repeats itself a set number of times
float – Number thats not an integer
operand – in an arithmetical expression, the operand is the data that is to be operated on
Processor Fan – sits on top of the heat sink and it helps cool the processor.
Which оf the fоllоwing does а trаnsаction log NOT help with?
3 part cycle for robots – sensory: taking in info
planning: considers options for next action
action: robot puts plan in to action/executes
coding – the process of writing any program in any programming language; programming
Formal Language – Human generated language (Java, C#, etc.)
Directory Path – A chain of directories within directories
interpretation – assigning a truth value to each atom (possible world in propositional logic)

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