Clep Humanities (philosophy)

Ajax – A character in both the Iliad and Ajax, both from the warrior unit. He is a hero and a great warrior, only second to Achilles. However, he experienced atê, moral ruin, when he killed the sheep thinking they were attackers. His shame brought him to suicide.
beauty – A pleasing arrangement of parts that affect us aesthetically
Cartoon – humorous drawing or caricature
Morality – system by which significant choices are made
theater/drama – (Greece) expands outward so performances are heard. patron- Dionysus. illicit pathos. used character masks. dramas were for poetry, music, dancing, singing. themes were on god, destiny, love, justice, greed, war and hypocrisy.
Word coinage and metaphor use in children – Pg. 380
Children coin new words based on ones they know ("plant-man" for gardener)
Extend meanings through metaphors. Young preschoolers- concrete, sensory comparisons: "clouds are pillows." As they age- nonsensory: "friends are like magnets", "time flies by"
allows children to communicate in vivid, memorable ways
cathedral – a large and important church.
Linear Perspective – A technique that allowed artists to translate three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional space.
feudalism – a set of military and legal customs.
According to the Bible Project, the overarching literary structure of the book of Esther is _______.
What did the ancient eyptians ise the nile in their everyday life ❔ – They used it to supply water for the crops. The Nile attracted many animals do the Egyptians could hunt the animals. It also provided plants,fish and many more animals.
Johannes Brahms – German composer who developed the Romantic style of both lyrical and classical music
Accоrding tо the Bible Prоject, the overаrching literаry structure of the book of Esther is _______.
barbara hepworth – British abstract sculptor
1954 – McCarthy is censored by the U.S. Senate
Stoicism – (philosophy) the philosophical system of the Stoics following the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno.

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