Chemistry Vocab Part A

Why do metals have high melting and boiling points? – They have strong metallic bonds and a lot of energy is needed to break them.
Properties of a solid – 1 definite shape
2 highest density
3 definite volume
4 does not compress or expand
5 flow
6 does not mix by diffusion
7 are either crystalline or non-crystalline
L – angular momentum quantum number
tells energy of the sublevel
shape of orbital
allowed values : 0 to n-1
molecule – A particle made of two or more atoms bonded together.
atom – smallest particle of any element that still retains the properties of that element
VSEPR – Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion model. based on an arrangement that minimizes the repulsion of shared and unshared electron pairs around the central atom.
Radioactivity – The process where particles are released from certain atoms.
technology – practical use of scientific information
Citric acid is made by oranges. When citric acid dissolves in the water in an orange, it produces a relatively small number of hydronium ions. Citric acid is best described as a
total ionic equation – shows all soluble ionic substances dissociated into ions. This gives the most accurate information about the species in solution
Principle Energy Levels – energy levels of an atom "shells". Energy increases further from the nucleus
Five properties of gas – Gases have an indefinite shape takes the shape of its container
Gases can expand costly expands to fill a sealed container
Gas is compressed the volume of the gas decreases when the volume of the container decreases
Gases mix completely with other gases in the same container
Gases have a low density
Factors Affecting the Rate of Diffusion – 1. Mass of the particles
2. Temperature
Citric аcid is mаde by оrаnges. When citric acid dissоlves in the water in an оrange, it produces a relatively small number of hydronium ions. Citric acid is best described as a
Physical change – A change in a substance that does not involve a change in the identity of the substance
C – Symbol for speed of light.

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