Chemistry Elemental Symbols

nuclear forces – the interaction that binds protons and neutrons, protons and protons, and neutrons and neutrons together in a nucleus
chemical equation – a means of writing out and describing a chemical reaction.
isotopes – elements with the same number of protons but have different numbers of neutrons, and thus different masses
What is an orbital diagram? – The number and underscore and flags.
Kinetic Energy overcomes the attractive forces allowing ______________ – movement in all diretions
compounds – Alkaline earth metals tend to form ____ by ionic bonding
solute – Substance being dissolved
Bromine has ________ valence electrons.
NH3 as a Cleaning Agent – NH₃(g) + H₂O(l) → NH₄OH(aq)
Elements on the periodic table are arranged on these horizontal rows that are organized by increasing atomic number. – periods
Brоmine hаs ________ vаlence electrоns.
salt – the ionic compound that is a product of a neutralization reaction–most compounds other tan hydroxides and oxides are salts, consists of cations obtained from a BASE and anions from ACID
Indicator pH 4 – Cabbage (Cyanidin) (purple)

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