Chapter One Computer Science

text editor – a __ ___ writes Java program source code.
Hard disk drive – Stores information for computer using a series of magnetic plates
To Create Your Own Color – Define the color and put in the RGB code in the declaration section and name it
Compare and Contrast a flat file against a DB. – Flat file: each area has their own records that may not relate to one another. ×redundant & isolated data.
DB: ✓reduced redundancy ✓enforces integrity ✓shared data ✓easier access ✓reduces development time ×complex ×requires greater resources ×vulnerable because central.
When a file is broken up into small parts that are stored wherever space is available, the hard disk is said to become _______________________. – Fragmented
focus and tweaking – The power of the Lab Lecture is?
Unsolicited email messages sent to large numbers of recipients – SPAM
Consider the following code snippet:double salary = 45000.00;String sal = “Current salary is ” + salary;Which of the following statements is correct?
Interfaces are implemented using the _______ keyword – implements
bubble sort – A sorting algorithm where neighbors are swapped and the large values move toward their correct positions.
Verification – the process of making sure the data on the source documents is exactly the same as that inputed into the computer system.
Local variable – A variable declared in a method. Can be a parameter, a method variable, or a for loop variable.
Cоnsider the fоllоwing code snippet:double sаlаry = 45000.00;String sаl = “Current salary is ” + salary;Which of the following statements is correct?
input device – Hardware devices that take real-world analogue data and convert it into a digital form that is understandable by a person.
command – An instruction for the computer. Many commands put together make up algorithms and computer programs
Systems Programmers – writes translators for high-level languages

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