Chapter 9 Psychology 10th Edition David Myers (thinking & Language)

Partial reinforcement – When a designated response is reinforced only some of the time.
In the Milgram study and several similar studies, between _____ percent of the participants went all the way up to the 450-volt shock level – 61 and 66
Trait theorists are criticized for describing traits rather than… – explaining where they came from
Emerging Adulthood – for some people in modern cultures, a period from the late teens to mid-twenties, bridging the gap between adolescent dependence and full independence and responsible adulthood
Long-Term Memory – the relatively permanent and limitless storehouse of the memory system. Includes knowledge, skills, and experiances.
psychometrics – the scientific study of the measurement of human abilities, attitudes, and traits
False Consensus Effect – the tendency to overestimate the extent to which others share our beliefs and behaviors
According to the research study cited in the textbook, what percentage of high-school students reported having sent a text message or e-mail while driving within the last 30 days?
scatterplot – name for a graph of data points in a two variable correlation
Figure-ground – When your brain makes the decision of what is background and what is foreground, focusing on what it thinks is more relevant
Retrograde Amnesia (7.22) – The inability to remember information previously stored in memory.
perceptual adaptation – the ability to adjust to an altered perceptual reality; in vision, the ability to adjust to an artificially displaced or inverted visual field (as when wearing visual displacement goggles).
control personal – nuestro sentido de control del entorno en lugar de sentir desamparo
Serial Position Effect – states that recall is better for items at the beginning and end of a list than in the middle for immediate recall. 100% of items at the end will be remembered best immediately after memorising information. 90-95% of items from the beginning of the list are expected to be remembered.
Accоrding tо the reseаrch study cited in the textbоok, whаt percentаge of high-school students reported having sent a text message or e-mail while driving within the last 30 days?
Late adulthood – Ego integrity vs despair
Placebo Effect – expectations (instead of ACTUAL treatment) produce an outcome

-effective with subjective feelings (i.e. Pain, happiness)

What is *Object Permanence*? – The understanding, which develops throughout the first year, that an object continues to exist even when you cannot see or touch it.

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