Chapter 12: Political Science

Government Corporation – Agency of government that administers a quasi-business enterprise
midterm loss – the tendency for the presidential party to lose congressional seats in off-year elections
New Jersey Plan – • One house legislative: one vote for each state
Utility function – how much you like something
38. Blue Dog Democrats – Fiscally conservative Democrats who are mostly from the South and/or rural parts of the USA.
Americans with Disabilities Act – Law passed by Congress to end discrimination against those who have physical or mental disadvantages
origins of democratic party – During Andrew Jacksons presidency a belief that had been developed throughout political history established
Why were farmers mad during the time of Shays' Rebellion? – There was no money to repay loans.
McClesky vs. Kemp (1987) – Again the 8th amendment was sidestepped to address the 5th amendment in this case.
Article II of the United States Constitution lists four express powers of the president.  Which of the following is NOT one of the express powers?
Ideology – Political philosophy. (Dem or Rep. )
federalism – how did the founders attempt to resolve the problem of maintaining state autonomy while strengthening the central government
Was NOT one of Brutus's arguments against a large republic – Citizens would have too much control over their representatives in a large republic
market failure – an instance when the market fails to produce an efficient outcome
Tariff – A tax imposed on imports; this raises the domestic price of the imported good and may be applied for the purpose of protecting domestic producers from foreign competition.
faithless elector – An elector who votes for someone other than the candidate who won the most votes in the state.
Realism – A theory of international relations that focuses on the tendency of nations to operate from self-interest.
Article II оf the United Stаtes Cоnstitutiоn lists four express powers of the president.  Which of the following is NOT one of the express powers?
pigeonholing – The ability of a committee to kill a bill by setting it aside and not acting on it.
Judicial Branch – The branch of government, including the federal court system, that interprets the nation's laws.
initiative – methods through which citizens can put a measure on the ballot for direct vote
Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896) – The Court ruled that separate public facilities for Blacks and Whites in the South were equal, and that "color-blind" segregation is protected under the U.S. Constitution.

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