Ecs Computer Science Lesson 1

Jump List – view recent documents in program pinned to taskbar
Serial Data Transmission – When data is sent one bit at a time, over a single wire.
Unity – The program used to make our games
Barcode Scanner – A laser scans the barcode on a product to detect the width of the black and white stripes. The width of the stripes represent numerical values. This generates the product number so the rest of the details can be found in a database.
What was the name of the predecessor to the internet – Arpanet (1969)
Are private instance variables of a superclass directly accessible to its subclasses? – No
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak – two creators of Apple Corporation
or – When you create a query which selects a record where either one of the conditions is satisfied, you use the _____ operator.
Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) – a part of the CPU that performs the logical operations such as comparisons and arithmetic operations such as addition.
Choose the order of the following growth rates, from slowest to fastest: θ(n3),  θ(nlog(n)),  θ(n3/2),  θ(2n).
seek – hard disk operation that typically takes longest
network – any set of interconnected computer systems that share resources and data
Data Concentration – merging of existing databases into a single database/location similar to "centralized data storage"
Chооse the оrder of the following growth rаtes, from slowest to fаstest: θ(n3),  θ(nlog(n)),  θ(n3/2),  θ(2n).
Programmer – Person who writes instructions (programs) to make computer perform a task

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