consumer – Organisms that require an outside source of food for energy.
benthos – organisms that live attached to or near the bottom of lakes, streams, or oceans
Brain – sends & receives messages & integration
What helps prevent antimicrobial resistance? – Doctors should only prescribe them when absolutely necessary, and the patient must always complete the course. Sometimes, a patient may feel better, but the bacteria or fungi isn't all dead, so they need to finish the course.
Nucleus – Structure near the center of a cell that contains the cell's DNA
(T/F) The testes secrete testosterone. – True
stimulus – an aspect or change in an individuals external or internal environment that causes some sort of response, something in the environment detected by a receptor or sensor
sodium-potassium pump – A transport protein in the plasma membrane of animal cells that actively transports sodium out of the cell and potassium into the cell.
genetic equilibrium – a point at which the allele frequencies in a given population do not change
cell respiration – process of transferring stored energy from glucose to energy for the cell (ATP)
Comparing the male and female pelvis, which statement is true.
equilibrium – condition in which reactants and products of a chemical reaction are formed at the same rate.
What two sphincters separate the stomach from the rest of the alimentary canal? – Cardiac sphincter and pyloric sphincter
HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) – Human immunodeficiency virus, the retrovirus that attacks the human immune system and causes AIDS.
Cоmpаring the mаle аnd female pelvis, which statement is true.
homeostasis – The mainentance of a stable level of internal conditions even thought environmental conditions are constantly changing.
variation – the differences between individual organisms of the same kind; differences based on genotype; the expression of different individual characteristics in organisms of the same kind
duodenum – The first portion of the vertebrate small intestine after the stomach, where chyme from the stomach mixes with bile and digestive enzymes.
Endoplasmic reticulum – An organelle composed of an extensive network of folded membranes that preform several tasks within a cell

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