Campbell Biology: Ninth Edition Chapter 1: The Study Of Life

How is photosynthesis similar in C4 plants and CAM plants? – In both cases, rubisco is not used to fix carbon initially.
polypeptide – a polymer of many amino acids linked together by peptide bonds
Flagellum – a long, hairlike structure that grows out of a cell and enables the cell to move
isotonic – Solution that has an EQUAL concentration of dissolved particles compared with another solution
lipids – molecules made mostly of carbon and hydrogen that make up the fats, oils, and waxes.
fixed action patterns (FAP) – A sequence of unlearned behavioral acts that is unchangeable and usually carried to completion.
Cell wall – Fully permeable. Made of cellulose. Gives plant cells their shape and prevents them from bursting under osmotic pressure.
What kinds of bonds are used in making proteins – Peptide bonds
zygote – fertilized egg (sperm and egg combine)
Explain why water's high heat of vaporization is important to living things as a temperature
stabilizer – …
Excision of the colon
brain – The part of the central nervous system involved in regulating and controlling bodily activity and interpreting information from the senses transmitted through the nervous system.
important function of carbohydrates, Carbohydrates – primary fuel source of cells
genetic engineering – The direct manipulation of genes for practical purposes.
Dominant – an allele that is fully expressed in the phenotype
Excisiоn оf the cоlon
glycogen – complex carbohydrate found in animals
homeostasis – The process by which an organism maintains relatively stable internal conditions
cerebellum – The section of the brain that deals with fine motor skills. It does not initiate movement, but helps coordinate it. It also plays a role in some involuntary movement.
Homeostatic Mechanism – A regulatory mechanism that contributes to maintaining a state of equilibrium (e.g., thermoregulation, water regulation, and oxygen regulation).
hypertonic – (of a solution) having a higher osmotic pressure than a comparison solution

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