Campbell Biology 10th Edition Chapter 5

allele – alternate form of a gene
cell – Smallest functional unit of life
Specific – Each different enzyme acts on one substrate only.
Vacuole – Fluid-filled structure that holds waste products or substances needed by the cell.
Chart – A graphic representation of data. Usually refers to graphs, sometimes also tables, maps, etc.
Lipids of functions including – Energy storage
Of the following below, which would be the proper sequence/pathway for blood to flow through the vessels:
Light independent reaction (Calvin cycle) – Set of reactions in photosynthesis that do not require light; energy from ATP and NADPH (from the light reaction) is used to build high-energy compounds such as sugar; also called the Calvin Cycle or Dark Reactions
geographic variation – Difference in variation between population subgroups in different areas.
What is the process of cloning plants called? – Tissue culture.
Of the fоllоwing belоw, which would be the proper sequence/pаthwаy for blood to flow through the vessels:
migrate – When an animal travels to a new location for improved environmental conditions, on a seasonal or annual basis. Birds travel some of the longest distances in their annual migrations.
reverse transcriptase – An enzyme used by retroviruses that catalyzes the synthesis of DNA on an RNA template.
Chimpanzees – Are more closely related to Homo Sapiens than to other apes, but Homo Sapiens did not evolve from chimpanzees.

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