C4 Classify Accounts

General office clerk – A person who does general kinds of office tasks, including some accounting tasks
Present value of future cash flows – present value of cash flows into which the asset is expected to be converted in the ordinary course of buisiness. time value to money.
stockholders' equity – the stockholders' ownership interest in the assets of a corporation.
Interest Payable – 1. Liability
2. Balance Sheet
3. Credit
4. Permanent
Creditors – Individuals or organizations entitled to receive payments.
double-entry accounting – The recording of debit and credit parts of a transaction
In capital budgeting, the ________ is the appropriate discount rate to use when calculating the NPV of an average risk project.
T-account – A visual representation of a ledger account. The T-account is a tool used to analyze transactions.
Double entry – The basic accounting theory is based on
Cost of Goods Sold – is the term used for the cost of buying and preparing merchandise for sale
In cаpitаl budgeting, the ________ is the аpprоpriate discоunt rate tо use when calculating the NPV of an average risk project.
Capital – What the business owes the owner
auditor's report – a professional accounting firm examines a company's financial statements and gives an opinion on whether or not the financial statements are fairly stated in accordance with GAAP

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