Political Science 202

Be familiar with the characteristics of the Council-Manager form of city government. – -gives the city council both executive and legislative power, but the council exercises its executive power by appointing a city manager. A ceremonial mayor with no executive power exist. This position is rotated around the council; each member serving a year.
Bureaucracy – A formal organization in which rules and Hierarchy are used to efficiently accomplish specific goals
Articles of Confederation – Served as the national government from 1781-1787. Provided for a weak central government in favor of a confederation of states. Unicameral legislature. Each state had one vote in congress. Weaknesses include inability to levy taxes, draft troops, regulate foreign trade, lacked an executive chief, national court system, and its rule that amendments must be approved by unanimous consent, and had no ability to enforce state legislation. Was weak and ineffective.
senate has authority – to approve pres nominees and treaties
bail (under 8th amendment) – bail must be proportionate to the crime(s) committed
Franking privilege – elected representatives can use the U.S. Postal Service for free as long as it's used for the purpose of communicating with their constituents
8th Amendment – no excessive bail, no cruel or unusual punishment
Preamble – A statement in a constitution that sets forth the goals and purposes of government
Pocket Veto – An indirect Presidential veto occurs when a president takes no action on a bill for 10 days and congress has adjourned
Consequences of Slavery
—1847— – -was equal to 3/5 of a free person
-Supreme court confirms constitutionality of slavery in Dred Scott v. Sandford in___ and the lack of rights for slaves
A system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and constituent political subunits is called
6 countries sign the European Atomic Energy Community and then it continues to grow – EU
contractionary fiscal policy – A tactic to stabilize the economy by decreasing government spending and or increasing taxes in order to decrease spending in the economy.
A system оf gоvernment in which pоwer is divided between а centrаl аuthority and constituent political subunits is called
Fiscal Policy to Stimulate the Economy – bush era tax cuts
stimulus package
Executive Branch – This branch of government ensures that the laws of the United States are followed.
Judicial Review – The power of the Supreme Court established in the case of Marbury v. Madison to overturn acts of the president, congress, and the states if those acts violate the constitution.
Mixed Economy – Government owns whole or parts of companies. pg. 23
(Mix of private and publicly owned companies)

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