fixed/capital assets – капитальные активы
Career – A commitment to work in a field that you find interesting& fulfilling
bullish vs. bearish – bullish=good
treasurer – The firm's chief financial manager, who manages the firm's cash, oversees its pension plans, and manages key risks.
demand – the quantity of a good or service that costumers are willing and able to buy at all possible prices during a period of time
aprovechar – to take advantage of
What is net cash flow? – The difference between cash inflow and cash outflow over a period of time
The Rural Economic and Community Development Services provide loans for low income individuals with longer than normal repayment privileges and subsidized interest rates –
Which one of the following is a capital structure decision?

A. determining which one of two projects to accept
B. Determining how to allocate investment funds to multiple projects.
C. Determining the amount of funds needed to finance customer purchases of a new product
D. Determine how much debt should be assumed to fund a project.
E. determining how much inventory will be needed to support a project. – D. Determine how much debt should be assumed to fund a project.

The revenue is $24,000, the cost of goods sold is $12,000, other expenses (from selling and administration) are $6,000, and depreciation is $2,000. What is the EBIT?
Tax liability – Total amount of taxes that people pay on their income
Commerical paper is: – A method for large, financially sound companies to obtain short term credit
Rational Expectations – An economic theory that can be used to model how investors impound information in stock prices. In the context of the CAPM, it implies that although investors may have different information regarding expected returns, correlations, and volatilities, they correctly interpret the information contained in market prices and adjust their estimates of expected returns in a rational way.
capital loss – the amount by which the purchase price of an asset exceeds the selling price
Tax – Gov fee on business,income,retirement
The revenue is $24,000, the cоst оf gоods sold is $12,000, other expenses (from selling аnd аdministrаtion) are $6,000, and depreciation is $2,000. What is the EBIT?
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – The interest rate charged per period multiplied by the number of periods per year
verification of employment VOE – document signed by the borrower's employer verifying his position and salary
Unsystematic Risk – Unique to individual, firm, or industry. Often based on management capabilities, competition with the industry, vendor reliability, ect.
nico corporation has cost of goods sold of $300,000 and inventory of $30,000, then the inventory turnover is——– and the average age of inventory is ——— – 10, 36.5



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