Vocabulary English Courses Engineering

conventional vs reflective – is what we have always done what we ought to do?
reaction of soil with water behavior – permeability of soil
The chassis grease recommended for MOST pieces of construction equipment is generally __________ – Lime base-water resistant
bolt – پیچ، پیچ مهره دار
axial – the stress on the two axes
Pre-stressed concrete – concrete reinforced with wire strands, pre tensioned or post-tensioned within their elastic limit
to give an active resistance to loads.
Which of the following is true in regard to Roger Boisjoly and the Challenger?
curvature – انحنا، خمیدگی
Whena compressor is used for compression of natural gas, it is a fact that _________ – Properly refined straight mineral oils are recommended
002. The base civil engineer structure
What does the resources flight do? – plans, develops, submits, and maintains the civil engineer financial programs and financial management systems
cohesionless soil – sand, gravel and similar soils, also known as frictional soils since their properties are defined more by their angle of internal friction than by cohesion
The first aircraft squadron arrives at a bare base as part of the – initial force
Which оf the fоllоwing is true in regаrd to Roger Boisjoly аnd the Chаllenger?
T/F The decimal 0.875 written as a fraction would be 15/16. – F

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