Business Law 400 Understand Financial, Credit, And Bankruptcy Law And Insurance

Wrongful Interference With A Business Relationship – (Intentional Business Tort)
Criminal Law – -dangerous behavior outlawed by society
-government prosecutes accused
-guilt is determined (beyond a reasonable doubt)
-punishment or fine is imposed
Mislaid – When property is accidentally left where it was placed and forgotten (bathroom counter)
Violation of Duty – the specific conduct that violates the statute
Nick is charged with the crime of mail fraud. for a conviction, Nick must be found to have had… – had a scheme to defraud and used to mails.
Implied Contracts must have – a) Plaintiff furnished some service or property
b) Plaintiff expected to be paid for service and defendant should have known payment was expected
c) defendant had a chance to reject services or property and did not
Which of the following occurs when a contracting party refuses to complete the contract before the actual time of performance?
Closing Arguments – Final statement made by attorneys after examinations
Vesting of beneficiary's rights – when she (a) manifests her assent to the contract, (b) brings suit to enforce the contract, or (c) materially changes her position in justified reliance on the contract.

Persons who are mentally impaired through insanity, alcohol, drugs, etc. are protected by the law in a way similar to the protection given minors.

Briefly describe the law of contracts for those who are mentally impaired? – CONTRACT LAW

Generally speaking, contracts made by persons in such condition are enforceable by them but not against them.

Persons seeking to avoid the contract must prove that, at the time of entering into the contract, they were incapable of understanding the nature of what they were doing and, more importantly, must prove that the other party was aware of their condition.

Which оf the fоllоwing occurs when а contrаcting pаrty refuses to complete the contract before the actual time of performance?
Constitution – A document that sets forth the framework of a government and it's relationship to the people it governs
Insurable Interest – A property interest in goods being sold or leased that is sufficiently substantial to permit a party to insure against damage to the goods.
General Jurisdiction – broad scope to hear any case not reserved
Acceptance – The buyer takes the goods as his or her own and then pays for the goods.
Judgement – A decision of a court of law

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