Bisv Ib Biology Topic 6 Human Physiology

ribosomal RNA (rRNA) – the RNA molecule that combines with proteins to form a ribosome
trans fat – An unsaturated fat linked to health risks that is formed artificially during hydrogenation of vegetable oils.
hydrophobic – lacking any affinity to water
tuber – A modified stem that serves as an underground storage system.
Pesticides – General name for chemicals used to kill organisms that damage or feed on crop plants.
atom – fundamental unit of all matter
ribosome – organelle that links amino acids together to form proteins…
equilibrium – a process is spontaneous and can perform work only when it is moving towards where?
dentin – A bone-like substance that makes up the structure of a tooth.
Enlargement of the extremities
Triglyceride – Three fatty acids joined to a glycerol by an ester linkage.
How do enzymes speed up a reaction? – Enzymes lower the activation energy,
electrochemical gradient – the diffusion gradient of an ion driven by a chemical force (the concentration gradient) and an electrical force (effect of membrane potential)
Paramecium – A protist that looks like a footprint, moves with cilia and take in food through an opening in the cell membrane
buffers – chemical substances that neutralize small amounts of either an acid or base added to a solution
Enlаrgement оf the extremities
population – all of the members of one species in a given location
Tiny structures inside a cell that carry out the processes of life (parts of the cell) – Organelles

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