Biology Section 14: Data & How To Communicate It, 15: Evaluating Data

cell cycle – the series of events in a cell leading to its divison and duplication (interphase, nuclear division/mitosis, cytokinesis)
qualitative – recorded descriptions
Cytolysis – The rupuring of a cell due to excess internal pressure
variables – Something that is changed, and is different in each experiment.
biosphere – Part of the earth that contains all the ecosystems
The energy of activation (Ea) releases energy to activate the chemical reaction – False
What is the pathway for the spinal reflex? – Receptor – Sensory neurone – Relay neurone – Motor neurone – Effector
DNA – is the molecule of life. Inheritance, characteristics.
Classification hierarchy – kingdom (largest group) phylum, class, order, family, genus, species (smallest group)
The area in the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged is the
Gastrointestinal Tract – A long muscular tube
running from the mouth to
the anus through which
food passes
pH – the measure of how acidic or basic a solution is.
binary fission – type of asexual reproduction in which an organism replicates its DNA and divides in half, producing two identical daughter cells
semiconservative replication – Method of DNA replication in which parental strands separate, act as templates, and produce molecules of DNA with one parental DNA strand and one new DNA strand
complete dominance – A type of inheritance in which the phenotypes of the heterozygote and dominant homozygote are indistinguishable.
Coccus, bacillus and spirillum – The three possible shapes of bacteria.
Tissue – An anatomical unit composed of cells organized to perform a similar function.
The аreа in the lungs where оxygen аnd carbоn diоxide are exchanged is the
mechanism – a combination of components and processes that serve a common function
Genetic factors – The general guideline of traits determined by a person's DNA
biology – the study of life and living organisms
light limitation – Depth to which light penetrates limits primary production.

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