Biology: Life On Earth Chapter Two Terminology

Rhizomes – the stems that grow horizontally along or under the ground
Tissue – Group of similar cells that perform a particular function
Endocrine system: – system of glands that secretes hormones.
long-day plant – A plant that flowers only when the light period is longer than a critical length. Usually spring or early summer.
Digestive System – mouth → oesophagus → stomach → liver → pancreas → small intestine → large intestine → rectum → anus
Redux reaction – the term for the process/chemical reaction that occurs when an electron is "lost" by one atom/molecule and gained by another atom or molecule in the reaction
Hydroelectric dams create ______________. – Energy
The large brain and upright posture – of Homo Sapiens did not evolve together.
hypertonic – contains MORE solute than another side of a membrane
How many kilocalories does a woman spend on milk production during the first 6 months of lactation?
Amino acid – Small carbon compound joined by peptide bonds; building block of proteins.
entropy – The measure of disorder that is present in a system.
Prokaryotic – Type of cell that does not have membrane-bound structures
Adaption – Any characteristic of an organism that improves its chances of surviving in its environment.
without – which activation energy is higher, the course of the reaction with or without the enzyme?
primary electron acceptor – Specialized molecule that shares a reaction center with the chlorophyll a molecule in the light reaction. traps high energy electron before it can return to ground state in the chlorophyll.
Hоw mаny kilоcаlоries does а woman spend on milk production during the first 6 months of lactation?
Arachnida – Class of arthropods that includes the spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks; have 8 legs and 2 body regions
amino-acid-derived hormones – A regulatory chemical consisting of a protein, peptide (a short polypeptide), or amine (modified amino acids). They are water soluble (but not lipid soluble).

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