Biology Chapter 2b

Transpiration – the evaporation of water through the stomata on the leaves of plants
evolution – Change in a kind of organism over time; process by which modern organisms have descended from ancient organisms.
chlorophyll – green pigment in chloroplast
Which of these is NOT a product of the citric acid cycle? – acetyl CoA
Alleles – Different forms of a gene which occupy the same relative positions on a pair of homologous chromosomes.
the irreversible disaearance of a population or species – extintion
Hypothesis – a testable explanation of a situation. Serenity is the occurrence of accidental or unexpected but fortunate results
The first sign of type 1 diabetes is often:
Which parts of the brain controls breathing? – The medulla controls breathing
cross – A mating of two sexually reproducing individuals; often used to describe a genetics experiment involving a controlled mating (a "genetic cross").
cell specialization – the process in which cells develop in different ways to perform different tasks
probability – The likelihood that something will happen
The first sign оf type 1 diаbetes is оften:
allopatric speciation – The formation of a new species as a result of an ancestral population's becoming isolated by a geographic barrier.

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