Biology Chapter 29: The Senses

When the water concentration inside and outside the cell is equal, – it is said to be in an isotonic state.
*Steady state – A state in which members of a population die as quickly as new members are born.
Prokaryotic – A small single cell lacking a nucleus or any other membrane-bound organelles. Bacterial cells are an example
middle lamella – a thin layer between primary walls of adjacent cells that glues them together with pectin
Complementary base pairs – Each pair contains on Purine and and one Pyrimidine.
Exocytosis – – Opposite of endocytosis
1. Protein produced by the ribosomes of the rough ER enters the lumen of the ER
2. Protein exits the ER and enters the cis side of the golgi apparatus, enveloped in a vesicle.
3. As it goes thru the golgi apparatus, it is modified. It exits on the trans side.
4. It the modified, vesicle- bound protein floats up to the plasma membrane, and fuses with it, making its way to the outside of the cell.
amphipathic molecule – a molecule in which one side is hydrophobic and the other side is hydrophilic, as in phospholipids
embryophyte – Another name for land plants, recognizing that land plants share the common derived trait of multicellular, dependent embryos.
discharge of fat
Taxonomy – The science of classifying organisms.
gene map – diagram showing the relative locations of each known gene on a particle chromosome
palate – The structure that separates the top of the mouth from the bottom of the nasal cavity.
isotonic – Having the same solute concentration as another solution.
(T/F) Science is used to establish truth. – false.
mutagens – physical and chemical agents that interact with DNA to cause mutations
dischаrge оf fаt
Non-specific defenses – FIRST LINE: Skin; Tears/Mucus/Secretions
SECOND LINE: Fever, Inflammatory Response
Plastid – the organelle in plants that contains pigments or food
actin – a globular protein that makes up microfilaments
Condensation reaction – A reaction in which two monomers are combined covalently through the removal of the equivalent of a water molecule.

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