Biology Chapter 27: Reproduction And Embryonic Development

mitosis – the division of the cell nucleus and its contents
migration – permanent movement of genes into or out of a population changing the allele frequency
collagenous fibers – Fibers made of collagen.
pollination – transfer of pollen grain from anther to stigma
Organism – a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently
The hormone that stimulates uterine contractions during labor is
mammal – Member of a clade of amniotes that possess mammary glands and hair.
heterotroph – an organism that obtains organic molecules from other organisms.
The hоrmоne thаt stimulаtes uterine cоntrаctions during labor is
codominance – both alleles are expressed in the heterozygous phenotype
parareptiles – First major group of reptiles to emerge, mostly large, stocky quadrupedal herbivores; died out in the late Triassic period
gene expression – Conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein.
electrochemical gradient – combination of forces acting on an ion

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