Biology Chapter 22: Gas Exchange

Brain – sends & receives messages & integration
hemocytoblast – Stem cells found in the bone marrow that develop into all different types of blood cells as needed.
Phenotype – The way an organism looks and behaves
molecular formulas – Express how many atoms of each element that are in a chemical compound.
nondisjunction – occurs in meiosis when homologous chromosomes fail to separate
linked genes – Genes located near each other on the same chromosome that tend to be inherited together.
Structure 8 on the diagram refers to?
Urethra – The tube which carries sperm through the penis during ejaculation; urine also exits the body through the urethra.
Polar molecule – Molecule with oppositely charged regions.
In order to become an established part of an island ecosystem there must be… – …a populations large enough to ensure successful reproduction, a food source, a suitable habitat, and a source of moisture.
Mitochondrial Matrix – inner membrane of mitochondria containing enzymes and substrates for the citric acid cycle, —-has enzymes for cellular respiration—-
gamete – sex cell; an egg or a sperm.
Structure 8 оn the diаgrаm refers tо?
Vaccine – A weakened or inactive version of a pathogen that stimulates the body's production of antibodies which can aid in destroying the pathogen
Ribosomes – build up protein from animo acids

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