Biology Chapter 10 Vocabulary Sexual Reproduction And Genetics

Endorphins: – associated with pain control, involved in drug addiction
Filtration – in Bowman's capsule where high blood pressure in the glomerulus forces all small molecules out of the blood into the capsule like Water, urea, ions, glucose, amino acids and vitamins are all small enough to form filtrate. Blood cells and proteins are too large.
osmoregulation. – the control of the water balance
of the blood, tissue or cytoplasm of a living
protein – A three dimensional polymer made of monomers of amino acids.
Testicles – The two small, egg-shaped glands that produce sperm.
emergent properties – New properties that arise with each step upward in the hierarchy of life, owing to the arrangement and interactions of parts as complexity increases.
10.3 – the protein during mitosis that causes a mitotic spindle to form and trigger cell division
What is the most likely reason for having an abnormally high blood urea level?​
monosaccharide – The monomer of a carbohydrate …. a simple sugar that is the basic subunit
Diffusion and Osmosis are two types of ________________ Transport. – Passive
A cell will only remain stable if… – …the surface area of the plasma membrane maintains a balance with the volume of the cytoplasm.
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – compound that consists of adenine, a 5-carbon sugar called ribose, and 3 phosphate groups.
Whаt is the mоst likely reаsоn fоr hаving an abnormally high blood urea level?​
integral proteins – proteins that penetrate the hydrophobic core of the lipid bilayer
Base – substance that releases hydroxide ions when dissolved in water

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