Biology Ch2 All Vocab (olczyk)

Peristalsis – Wave like contractions that squeeze food through the esophagus to the stomach
Spiral strands of protein molecules that form a tubelike structure. – Microtubules
endoplasm – the dense cytoplasm found in the interior of many cells
True or False: Evolution by natural selection works on the individual of a species. – False
What is homeostasis? – The process of keeping the body's internal environment constant and stable.
Qualitative data – Descriptive data
The most frequently occurring subtype of Hodgkin's lymphoma is:
Chromatid – each 1/2 of the chromosome is called a chromatid, one of two identical strands into which a chromosome splits during mitosis
plant cell – contains a cell wall, chloroplast and large vacuole
notochord – A flexible, cartilage-like, longitudinal rod located between the digestive tract and nerve cord in chordate animals; present only in embryos in many species.
Engulf – A process by which cells "swallow" or take in materials by surrounding and enclosing them within a portion of the cell membrane. (see image card).
cell theory – one of the fundamental ideas of modern biology based on three principles. All organisms are composed of cells that provide structure and organization to that organism and that cells arise from only previously existing cells.
Periderm – the part of the dermal tissue in plants that makes up the outer bark in trees and other woody plants
The mоst frequently оccurring subtype оf Hodgkin's lymphomа is:
Adaptive value – The extent to which a particular inherited trait makes an organism more suited to its environment. Can be high or low.
What is a true negative result? – Where the result says the disorder isn't there, and it actually isn't.

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