Biology Apologia 2nd Edition Module 2 Kingdom Monera Bacteria

What is an indicator? – A living organism that is used to measure changes in environment, e.g. mayfly larvae in rivers, lichens in air, and phytoplankton in plankton.
What is a quadrat? – Anything with a defined area.
Photosystems – clusters of chlorophyll and proteins located on the thylakoid membrane.
organ system – a group of organs that interact to perform a set of related tasks
cell wall – gives plant cell support and protection
matter – anything that takes up space and has mass
anabolic steroid – A synthetic variant of the male hormone testosterone that mimics some of its effects.
Energy Processing – When we eat food, we utilize that as energy for daily functioning, growth, and development.
Hypothesis – a testable explanation of a situation. Serenity is the occurrence of accidental or unexpected but fortunate results
condensation – the process of building polymers; requires the loss of a water molecule
What does pH measure?
What is an autotroph? – A self-feeder, an organism which makes its own food, e.g. plants. They are also called producers.
Reproduction that can happen with one organism, produces identical (exactly the same) offspring (Mitosis) – Asexual Reproduction
B2:Epidemic – Disease spreads rapidly through a population. Prevented if high percentage of population is vaccinated- leads to 'HERD IMMUNITY'
coenzyme – An organic molecule serving as a cofactor. Most vitamins function as coenzymes in important metabolic reactions.
common descent – principle that all living things were derived from common ancestors
Prokaryote – Unicellular organism that lacks a nucleus
behavioral isolation – Form of reproductive isolation in which two populations have differences in courtship rituals or other types of behavior that prevent them from interbreeding
Whаt dоes pH meаsure?
LDL's (low-density liptoproteins) – The main cholesterol carrier in blood. The triglyceride from saturated fats combine with cholesterol and protein to form LDL's.
nucleic acid probe – Radioactively labeled nucleic acid molecule used to tag a particular DNA sequence.
Give an example and describe how two systems of the human body interact? – The respiratory system takes in Oxygen which is diffused to the circulatory system. The oxygen is delivered to the cells and used to break down glucose and release energy in the mitochondria. The glucose was also brought by the circulatory system from the digestive system.
binomial nomenclature – the two-word naming system that includes the genus and species
Human Genome Project – An international collaborative effort to map and sequence the DNA of the entire human genome.

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