Introduction To Film And Video Analysis Test 2 Vocab And Concepts

DLP stands for digital light processor, a technology introduced to theaters in the 1980s. – False
props 15 – furniture and other objects used for set decoration and by actors and performers
Post production – The tasks that must be done after the filming and editing are finished.
producer – Production administrator who hires a director and supervises a film's production to ensure that it comes in under budget and on schedule. Directors work under producers, producers generally allow directors creative freedom.
Temporal Relations – Contributes to plots manipulation of story line
Control time of action
Duration of shots
Frequency/Repeat of shots (Flashbacks, reactions, different POV)
Focus – Sharpness or fuzziness of the picture.
silhouette – lighting from the back
Leading Actors – The two or three actors, often stars, who represent the central characters in a narrative
What occurs when two hard lights overlap on a subjects face – They cast double or triple shadows which cause the light to become distracting and not pleasant
Star system – The film studio's use of stars' popularity to promote their movies
Dolly Shot – Any shot made from a moving dolly.
star system – the film studios' use of stars' popularity to promote their movies.
Video switcher – a device that allows technicians to switch between multiple cameras and apply video effects.
back light – light that provides outline and distinct edges on a subject
Low Angle – When the camera is aimed up at it's subject.
Star system – The film studio's use of stars' popularity to promote their movies

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