Basic Accounting Terms

stock certificate – the actual piece of paper that is evidence of stock ownership usually watermarked and patterned to make itself hard to forge
Cash Payments/Cash Disbursements. – Money and money substitutes paid.
long-term liabilities – one of the common groups on the classified balance sheet

expected to be paid in more than one year

expenses – outflows or other using-up of assets or incurrences of liabilities during a period from delivering or producing goods, rendering services, or carrying out other activities that constitute the entity's ongoing major or central operations
hot stock – a stock who rises quickly the day it goes public
Straight Line Method – (Cost – Salvage (residual) Value)/Usefullife in years
Retained Earnings – total earnings of the company less all amounts returned to stockholders to date since the first day of operations

Cumulative, at the beginning of the year
+ Current year earnings reported on income statmt.
– Dividends paid to stockholder during current yr.
= Cumulative, at the end of the year

Public Sector – This is the governmental sector, represented in the accounting rule-making process by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Note Average inventory – (Beginning inventory + Ending inventory) divided by 2
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articles of incorporations – in order to form a corporation, most states require individuals, called incorporators, to sign an application and file it with the proper state official. if approved by the state, these articles, which form the company charter, become a contract between the state and the incorporators. the company is then authorized to do business as a corporation
Lease – A written agreement which grants to the lessee the right to use q particular asset for the specified period of yime in return for periodic payment to the lessor.
Indirect Method – start with net income
then change in non-cash
then change in current a/l
Payment requisition – Платежное требование
stock market – name for a collection of stock exchanges. It is a term generally used to designate any place where stock is bought and sold
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Liability, Balance Sheet – Type and Statement for: Unearned Rent Revenue
WACC – weighted average cost of capital
=(Ke * (equity /capital) + (Kd*(1-tax))*(debt/capital)

-capital= market value equity + market value debt

Under the percentage-of-receivables basis, the amount of bad debt expense is the difference between the required balance and the existing balance in the allowance account.
A. True
B. False – TRUE
sequential processing – a processing pattern in which units pass
from one process to another in a set order.

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