Intro To Accounting 20653 Exam 4 Laurie Wood Tcu

Expense, Income Statement, Debit, Temporary – Advertising Expense
manual accounting system – when accounting information is processed by hand
Cost Of Goods Sold – When a product is shipped the total cost of manufacturing the product is expensed from inventory and recorded on that section of the income statement.
False – T or F: When a company pays insurance premiums in advance to an insurer, it records the payment as a liability because the insurer owes future coverage.
voucher – قسيمة ، إيصال ، وَصْل إثبات
contra asset – The allowance for uncollectible accounts
Which of the following pronouncements were issued by the Accounting Principles Board?

A. Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts

B. Accounting Research Bulletins

C. Opinions

D. Statements of Position – C. Opinions

Which medical term means condition of no sperm?
False – Recording business costs in terms of hours required to complete projects is an application of the unit of measurement concept
Business transactions – an exchange of things of value
Aging account receivables – accounts not settled within a 30 time frame
investing activities – involve spending a company's capital in ways that will help it achieve its goals. They include buying the resources needed to operate the business, such as land, buildings, and equipment, and selling those resources when they are no longer needed
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balance sheet common-size statements/percentage method – express the major items in the balance sheet as a percent of the total assets and compare with previous fiscal periods
Unemployment Insurance Program – A program that provides unemployment compensation through a tax levied on employers.
nonunit-level activity – drivers factors that measure the consumption
of nonunit-level activities by products and other cost objects

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