Aqa As Psychology Psya2 Individual Differences

Testes – Secrete testosterone, which regulates male sexual development and reproduction and influences sexual behavior
Describe the stanford experiment – PHILIP ZIMBARDO 1971
Peoples behaviours is often shaped by the environment they find themselves in. THey will take out environment-imposed roles and act them out

Zimbardo set up a prison cell layout
prison-guard relationship
The extent to which subjects acted this out was to the extreme and hence the experiment had to be stopped early.
Giving people a role and their perception of that role makes them do things they wouldn't normally do.

Psychodynamic Perspective – Modern version of psychoanalysis that is more focused on the development of a sense of self and the discovery of other motivations behind a persons behavior then sexual motivations
Identical twins – Twins that emerge from one zygote that splits for unknown reasons. Also called Monozygotic twins.
social control – power of situation
twin studies – a common method of investigating whether nature or nurture affects behavior
According to Mischel, traits __________ behavior.
Steps for research:
7. – Report Findings
Jackie is assigned to a group project. It is in her best subject, and she finds the material easy. Jackie will probably experience – social facilitation.
Intelligence – mental quality consisting of the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations.
Schizophrenia – characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by a deficit of typical emotional responses.
Authoritative – parenting style that focuses on flexible rules for which reasons are generally given. Parents are warm and nurture independence within guidelines
Accоrding tо Mischel, trаits __________ behаviоr.
castration anxiety – stress that drives a boy to become like male role model according to Freud
Behaviorism – the view that psychology (1) should be an objective science that (2) studies behavior without reference to mental processes. Most research psychologists today agree with (1) but not with (2).
Experimental Condition – the condition of an experiment that exposes participants to the treatment, that is, to one version of the independent variable

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