Ap Psychology Myers Prologue Master

Expectancy theory job performance detrminants – Skills and abilities, role perceptions, and opportunities to perform.
Embryonic stage – The second stage of prenatal development, lasting from two weeks until the end of the second month.
defense mechanisms – in psychoanalytic theory, the ego's protective methods of reducing anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality.
Data – Pieces of information, especially information gathered by a researcher to be used in testing a hypothesis.
fixed ratio schedule of reinforcement – schedule of reinforcement in which the number of responses required for reinforcement is always the same
Sensory (afferent) neurons – neurons that carry incoming information from the sensory receptors to the brain and spinal chord
Besides his collaborative work with Neal Miller, John Dollard studied
Learning – A relatively permit change in behavior that is brought about by experience; not the same as performance.
Semantic Network Theory – states that in LTM, information is stored in a hierarchical manner where information is contained in nodes. Nodes are connected to one another by meaningful links. Shorter links represent stronger information association allow for faster retrieval of information.
Besides his cоllаbоrаtive wоrk with Neаl Miller, John Dollard studied
wernicke's area – language reception, comprehension, expression. usually in the left temporal lobe
multiple approach-avoidance conflict – conflict in which the person must decide between more than two goals, with each goal possessing both positive and negative aspects
John Watson – psychologists should only study observable behaviors, not mental processes (early 1900s)

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