Accounting ****

resultado antes del impuesto a las ganancias – income before income tax
Dr. – the abbreviation for debit is
sole proprietorship – business that is owned by one person
"retained earnings" – is the amount of cumulative profits and losses kept by the company since the first day of operations
General Ledger – a ledger that contains all accounts needed to prepare financial statements
Things to make your company operate – Operating
corporation – is a business organization that is recognized by law to have a life of its own.
Depreciable Cost – Original Cost – Salvage Value = Depreciable Cost
During the winding-up process, the partners must still fulfill their fiduciary duty to one another in the sense that they must disclose all information about the partnership assets.
accounting standarts – muhasebe standartlar─▒
income from operations – gross profit – operating expenses
# of days in collection period – How often accounts rec. are received
job-order cost sheet – a subsidiary account to the work-in-process
account on which the total costs of materials, labor, and overhead
for a single job are accumulated.
During the winding-up prоcess, the pаrtners must still fulfill their fiduciаry duty tо оne аnother in the sense that they must disclose all information about the partnership assets.
Correcting Entry – an entry that corrects a mistake
statement of retained earnings – summary of the changes in a retained earnings of a corporation during a specific time.
owners' equity statement – a financial statement that summarizes the changes in owner's equity during a fiscal period
Securities and Exchange Board – The federal agency with ultimate authority to determine rules used for preparing financial statements for companies whose stock is sold to the public
Venture Capital firms – Firms that buy a portion of ownership of the company

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