Introduction To Accounting Final Financial Multiple Choice

Transaction – Financial events that affect assets, liabilities, or owners equity
Gross sales – Валовая выручка от реализации
Bond vs. Stock Issuance – 1.) No ownership offered to bondholders
2.) Tax-deductible interest expense
3.) Structured payment schedule
conform to – megfelel valaminek
fiscal period – The length of time for which a business summarizes and reports financial information
captial lease – transfers substantially all the benefits and risk of ownership to the lessee
The optimal level in the trade-off between measurement and error costs is when
Purchase equipment is an example of – Investing activity
net loss – amount by which expense exceed revenues
this is filled out to receive money from petty cash – vouchers
14.Litigation – is the process of taking legal action.
Calculating Cost depreciation – cost-salvage value/years of life
The оptimаl level in the trаde-оff between meаsurement and errоr costs is when
Inventory Turnover – how long it takes to sell merchandise. :formula (cost of goods sold/ average inventory/365) needs to be low
wage – payment for work, usually figured by the hour

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