Week 2:motion Picture, Representation And Ideology At Edison/lumiere Companies

MPPDA 1927 Don'ts and Be Carefuls – pointed profanity, any licentious or suggestive nudity, illegal traffic in drugs, any inference of sex perversion, white slavery, miscegenation, sex hygiene and venereal diseases, scenes of actual childbirth, children's sex organs, ridicule of the clergy, willful offense to any nation, race or creed
o Be Careful … use of the flag, use of firearms, brutality and possible gruesomeness, sympathy for criminals, rape or attempted rape, man and woman in bed together, institution of marriage, excessive or lustful kissing
Influences on the French New Wave – …
How Continuity Works – -Series of shots should be *physically continuous*.
-Shots must have *logical connection* to each other.

If beer is empty in one shot, it should not be full in the next shot.

Universum film is also known as – UFA
Star System – Backbone of the film industry
simple machine – A simple device that changes a force.
William Talbot – – Invents a permanent negative using nitrate which is found in gun powder
– Subject sit still for two mins and permanent images develop on glass with nitrate
– Only conducted outside in sunlight
– He eventually figures out how to eliminate the usage of glass and develops permanent images on paper
– Takes a long time for positives to develop
Challenges to Production Code in 60's – Spartacus
Stanley Kubrick forced to reduce graphic violence and take out reference to homosexuality

Lolita (62)

Hud (63)

The Pawnbroker (65)

Who's Afrain of Virginia Wolf (66)

Blowup (67) – ended production code

Stationary (position vs. time) – Straight horizontal line at any height
World Intellectual Property Organization – A UN Agency that facilitates intellectual property rights dispute resolution across different levels of national laws and policies
General Principles – 1. No picture shall lower the moral standards of those who see it.
2. Correct standard of life shall be presented.
3. Law, natural or human, shall not be ridiculed.
frame – still images which compose a motion complete motion picture
Fritz Lang – • Worked in the Germany film industry
o Made movies
o Metropolis 1926 "one of the best science fiction (Sci-Fi) movie every made"
o This was Hitler's favorite movie and he needed someone to run the German movie industry and it is said that he wanted Lang to run it.
o He moved to Hollywood trying to get away from the Nazi's and made a lot of movies throughout the 30's 40's and 50's
o Crime/Horror/Monster
o Somnambulist= monster (zombie like)
o Mad Scientist
o Expressive of Deranged Minds
• Thea Von Harbou
o She was Lang's wife and actually stayed back in Germany to run the German Nazi Film Industry for about 6 month
• Leni Reifenstahl
o She ran it after Thea Von Harbou
What is Science fiction? What time does it focus on? What elements does sci-fi have? What are the common themes of sci-fi? – Science fiction is fictive science, so it's more possible than fantasy has Scientific explanations
Focus time on future (and present)
They have space ships, aliens, robots, scientists
Common themes are conflict between nature and technology
Cinematography – The process of capturing moving images on film or a digital storage device
Camera filters may be used – in front of the lens to cut out specific part of the color spectrum
MGM – Zanuck, Goldwyn, Loew, Mayer, Schenk , 1924
intercutting – editing of 2 or more different actions but gives impression of one scene
Max was (or still is) Norma's ________?
(Sunset Blvd) – Butler, Husband, Director
(All of the above)

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