Uil Accounting

credit – Wrote a check to the owner: ______ cash
This is true relative to the statement of cash flows – it reports the amount of cash spent for long term assets
Authorized Number of Shares – Is the maximum number of shares of a corporation's capital stock that can be issued as specified in the charter.
asset use transaction – decrease the total amount of assets and the total amount of claims.
janitor – One who takes care of buildings.
GAAP – Generally accepted accounting principles
normal balance: – : the side of the account that is increased
Which of the following is a limitation of usability testing?
statement of owner's equity – it shows the activity related to owners (STOCKHOLDERS) during a period of time

it shows receipt of funds from the owners (ISSUE STOCK) and payments back to the owners (DIVIDENDS)

it shows the NET the business earned for the owners

30.Business combinations – relates to multiple improper accounting activities.
Income Summary – Stockholders' Equity
credit – Paid advertising expense: ________ cash
recording – entering financial information about the events into the accounting system
Which оf the fоllоwing is а limitаtion of usаbility testing?
Callable Bonds – allows Issuer (Company) to early retire bonds prior to maturity

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