Mathematics 📝

inch – a unit of length equal to 1/36 of a yard
Deductive Reasoning – General to Specific: the student goes from a rule to specifics. i.e. If all quadrilaterals have four sides, then using ______________, the student recognizes that a square is a quadrilateral.
Vocabulary Terms:
• All
• Some
• None
Image of an Element – If x is a member of X, then f(x) = y (the value of f when applied to x) is the image of x under f. y is alternatively known as the output of f for argument x.
log 9 / log 3 is…………….? – 2
Monomial – a polynomial with one term
Ratios – cos(x±y) – = cosxcosy±sinxsiny (signs opposite, e.g. if + then -, if – then + )
Parallel lines – Lines in the same plane and do not intersect
Multiple Choice questions allow students to choose one correct answer from a selection of ____
estimate – an approximate answer
Disjoint Set – If intersection between two sets is the empty set, the two sets are disjoint.
Obtuse triangle – A triangle that has an obtuse angle
Equilateral triangle – Triangle with all sides and angles being equal
area of cross section – area of surface that from the cross section.
Multiple Chоice questiоns аllоw students to choose one correct аnswer from а selection of ____
occupation of something – okupacja czegoś
circle formula – (x – x₀)² + (y – y₀)² = r²

(x₀,y₀) is centre
r is the radius

In the diagram, O is the center of the circle. XYZ is a straight line. YS = ZS and – …
Bundled Testing – Grouping of different question formats for the same skill or competency.
occupant – a person who lives or works in a particular house, room, building, etc.

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