Horngren’s Accounting Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Transfer of capital asset from GF to WF – DR asset
CR capital contribution
(GJ only in WF)
The things of value owned by a business are – Assets
raiders – a person that tries to buy 50% of the corp.
Adjustments – update general ledger accounts
Liability – an obligation to pay money to another party
Business plan – A formal written document that describes the nature of business and how it will operate
remuneraciones a pagar – salaries and wages payable
Invoice – A paper showing quantity, description, prices of items, total amount of purchase, & terms of payment is an
The categories of health systems we discussed include all the follow EXCEPT:
break down – aufschlüsseln, aufgliedern
Proving Cash – bank records=accounting records
The cаtegоries оf heаlth systems we discussed include аll the fоllow EXCEPT:
TEST!! Free cash flow – Operating cash flow + investing cash flow

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