Finance Test #1

Tipos de inversiones en función de su materialización – Fiascos, incorporales y financiera
limited liability corporation – allows for the ownership other corporations and be owned by other corporations, partnerships, and non US residents
Dynamic Drivers of Value of Real Estate Equity Funds – -properties that are within markets that have
• population growth, job growth
Construction loan – Short term financing with funds advanced periodically during the stages of construction – a term loan
why does a corporation's equity usually have a higher discount rate than it'd debt? – repaying debt has a higher PRIORITY than paying out dividends
Ask Price – Price at which a dealer is willing to sell. What you would need to pay to buy now.
Beta – the slope of the characteristic line
Disability Insurance – replaces a portion of one's income if they
become unable to work due to illness or injury.
Which method is designed to give the dollar amount of return for every $1.00 invested in the project in terms of current dollars?
Comprehensive form (HO-5) homeowner's insurance – HO-3 and replacement cost coverage and guaranteed replacement cost
Asset – Anything of value that a business owns, such as cash, equipment, or a building.
Market Segmentation Theory – People typically prefer short holding periods and thus hav higher demand for short term bonds, which have higher prices and lower interest rates than long bonds

Bonds of dif. maturities are not subs
Markets are completely segmented

What is profitability – Shows how profitable and organisation is
Which methоd is designed tо give the dоllаr аmount of return for every $1.00 invested in the project in terms of current dollаrs?
Realized Capital Gains – The increase in value of a investment converted to cash
a property tax – un impôt foncier
favourable variance – a variance between budgeted and actual figures of a business that increases the profits of the business. in sales this will be and increase and in costs this will be a decrease.

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