Computer Science Enterprise Computing Questions

Compile – To translate a program from a high-level language to a low-level language, all at once, in preparation for later execution.
What is bytecode – a low-level code file; it can't be translated into machine code
query processor – looks up user submitted keywords in the index and reports back which Web pages the crawler has found with those words
Applications – Use the computer to solve
specific real-world
problems. Example:
MS Word, Video Games,
CG Movies, etc…
LAN – Local Area Network; network that covers a relatively small area.
initializing a variable – when you create a variable, it is best to set it to a beginning value ( int x = 0; String name = "")
sprite – the graphics that move on the screen
CPU – Major hardware component that consists of the ALU and the control unit-it process data
What is Query wizard? – Prompts you for information by asking you a series of questions and then creates the appropriate query based on your answers
Suppose we are using binary search on an array with approximately 1,000,000 elements. How many visits should we expect to make in the worst case?
Cache – Used to store recently accessed instructions and data
Executable – the file that the computer understands to run a compiled program (i.e., the .exe)
Defragmentation software – a utility software that places all the files into closely linked sectors that occupy closely related sectors. The purpose of this is to group the related disk areas together to improve the speed at which data is recovered or read.
ability to communicate effectively – a computer programmer must be able to understand the problem statement, whether the specifications are in written or oral form.
What is a boolean expression? – A. Boolean expression is an expression that produces a result which is a boolean value
OPERATOR PRECEDENCE – The order in which operations are performed.
T or f? Classes are subgroups of objects – FALSE
Suppоse we аre using binаry seаrch оn an array with apprоximately 1,000,000 elements. How many visits should we expect to make in the worst case?
A function that is associated with an 'object' is called a _____ – method
Data compression – squeezes data into a smaller number of bytes than the data would occupy if uncompressed
to change directory – сменить каталог
storage device – records and retrieves items to and from medium.
trimtosize – resets the capacity of an arraylist to a new max which is the number of elements in the list that contain information

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