Campbell Biology: Ninth Edition Chapter 1: The Study Of Life

hypha – tiny filament that makes up a multicellular fungus or a water mold
desmid – This is a group of green algae that looks like two halves, constricted in the middle by a isthmus
hypotonic solution – a solution in which there are less solutes outside a cell, causing water to enter faster than it leaves, making it lyse (burst); this environment causes problems for organisms
neurotransmitter – A chemical messenger that carries information from a transmitting neuron to a receiving cell, either another neuron or an effector cell.
Golgi apparatus – the organelle which prepares and stores molecules for secretion
Producer – Organism that synthesises its own food.
Anaerobic – Describes a process that does not require oxygen.
pleiotropy – When one gene has influence in multiple phenotypes.
gamete – A sex cell; a haploid egg or sperm. The union of two gametes of opposite sex (fertilization) produces a zygote.
Base solution – [H+] es menor [OH-]
Which morphologic factors distinguish the lymphocytes of CLL from normal mature lymphocytes?
A protein that detects a signal molecule and performs an action in response is called a – receptor.
function of Krebs cycle – produces molecules that carry energy to the 2nd part of cellular respiration
respiratory system – -keeps blood constantly supplied with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. Gaseous exchange occurs through the walls of the air sacs of the lung called alveoli
home range – the source of food, mates, water and other resources which is hared by many organisms
natural selection – a process. the organisms that have sucessful adaptive traits will most likely survive to pass that trait to futher generations thus increasing the frequency of that trait in the population.
Which mоrphоlоgic fаctors distinguish the lymphocytes of CLL from normаl mаture lymphocytes?
Chromosome – of eukaryotic cells, a DNA molecule, duplicated or unduplicated, with many associated proteins. Of prokaryotic cells, a circular DNA molecule
Pseudocoelomate – Describes an animal with partially lined body cavities
Crista – A fold of the inner membrane of the mitochondria

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