Business Law Review Sheet Final Exam Ms Gerry Matching Terms

Administrative Law – rules and regulations made by administrative agencies
362. _____ An artist would like to protect one of his original oil paintings from being sold as original prints. He may protect his painting by applying for a:
a. Copyright
b. Patent
c. Trademark registration
d. Service mark registration – a. Copyright
Duty – The defendant owed duty of care to the plaintiff.
Debtor – Anyone who owes money; a borrower.
motion – A procedural request or application presented by an attorney to the court on behalf of a client.
Conditions Concurrent – calls for the parties to perform their respective duties simultaneously
Trespass to personal property – Whenever any individual wrongfully takes or harms the personal property of another or otherwise interferes with the lawful owner's possession and enjoyment of personal property.
Manslaughter – the killing of another person with malice or intent
Has developed the following procedure for selecting an arbitrator: Ten days to select arbitrators from list, Association then appoints an acceptable arbitrator. – American Arbitration association as the anwser; Alternatively each party can appoint an arbitrator , and those arbitrators, in turn, can appoint a third one
Which of the following consists of an offer by one party and an acceptance of the terms by another party?
Name 4 Estates (interests) in Land – 1) Fee Simple Absolute
2) Life estate
3) Leasehold interest
4) Easement
Dispute – Conflict between 2 or more parties.
Regulatory License – licensing statute that is intended to protect the public against unqualified persons; an unlicensed person may not recover for services she has performed.
Which оf the fоllоwing consists of аn offer by one pаrty аnd an acceptance of the terms by another party?
Issuing a Bad Check – To issue a check for which one no longer has an account in the bank on which it is drawn, or to issue a check when one has a valid account but it lacks sufficient funds for payment when the check is presented within 30 days of the date of issue; a misdemeanor.
Disaffirm – a party's exercise of his power to avoid a contract entered before the party reached the age of majority; a minor's cancellation of his contract
Cure: – Under the Uniform Commercial Code, the right of a party who tenders nonconforming performance to correct or rectify his or her performance within the contract period.
age of majority to contract – the age at which a person is entitle to the management of his or her own affairs
Consideration – What the offeror demands, and generally must recieve, in order to make the offer legally enforceable against the offeror

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