Language And Society

Language acquisition v. Language learning – Acquisition: subconscious, has an emphasis on communication and reception, results in fluency.
Learning: conscious, has an increased emphasis on syntax and grammar, and fluency is not a guarantee.
denotation – the literal or primary meaning of a word, in contrast to the feelings or ideas that the word suggests
Standard Dialect – Correct/ proper way of speaking. Influenced and decided by influential people or people of power (teachers, presidents, aristocrats)
Semantics – the study of the meaning in language
Cenral Sulcus (fissure of rolando) – separates the frontal lobe from the parietal
Euphemism – substitution of less offensive words for words considered explicitly offensive, passed away seems better than died or dead
Qualification (noun) – to modify, restrict or limit. A qualification of an assertion or claim means that you agree in part, or you wish to redefine or reshape the assertion. If you were asked your opinion of Canada's assertion, or claim, you might agree that guns have held an important place in the defense of America, but that "love affair" is too strong a term to describe Americans' feelings for guns. So you would express your opinion as a qualification of Canada's argument: while it is true that guns have played an important part in American history, the reason is not Americans' love for guns but rather their desire for safety and security.
arcuate fasciculus – damage to this area (bundle of fibers connecting Broca's and Wernicke's area) causes problems with repetition, particularly nonword
collective noun – names a group with more than one member; examples: jury, brigade, staff
adjectives – describe or modify nouns
Slip of the tongue
Brief explanation – Slip of the tongue or spoonerisms (after William Spooner) is when we say stuff like
dog of bag food, black bloxes, you have hissed all my mystery lectures.
It is suggested that this slips are slips of the brain when the brain tries to organize linguistic messages.
Conduction Aphasia – Damage to the arcuate fasiculus
Incomplete info transmitted from Wernicke's to
Broca's area
Patients may:
Sound like Wernicke's aphasics but be able to
comprehend others
Like Broca's aphasics, able to understand but not
access – You can use Moodle to ___ SAC resources.
Language Variety – no one speaks the same way all the time, no one member of a language group speaks the same way as any other member of that group
voice bar – dark band at bottom of spectogram that indicates sound is voiced
Prefix – A syllable or word that comes before a root word to change its meaning
The Emergent Reader – Reading Instruction – Pre-Alphabetic
Age: Early Childhood – Pre-K

Reading Instruction:
1) Help to recognize print in the environment
2) Help to make predictions in stories
3) Observe psuedo reading
4) Help to recognize letter shapes.

community – a group of people who are considered as a unit because of the area where they live, their nationality, or shared practices
English – Indo-European (Germanic)
speaking – – primary/most common mode

– darkness and light
– multitasking, use hands
– volume, pitch, rhythm, speed, wide-ranging modulation

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