Accounting Test Suppl Questions

Normal side balance Expenses – Dr
A plant asset was purchased by the funeral home costing, $8,000. It has a useful life of 3 years and a salvage value of $2,000. Using the straight-line method of depreciation, what would be the yearly amount of depreciation? – $2,000
"Cash Ratio" Classify, Calculate, and Interpret – Liquidity Ratio

Cash Ratio = [ Cash + Marketable Securities / Current Liabilities ]

More likely a firm's ability to pay short-term bills.

37.Line costs – are fixed monthly payments for the use of networks or line.
increases to sales affect on owner's equity, is that owner's equity is: – increased
owners equity – the amount by which the business assets exceed the business liabilities
Increases in net assets in a period from nonowner sources. – Comprehensive income
the difference between the two sides of an account – account balance
cut costs – Kosten kürzen, senken
According to the theory of global warming, which part of Earth is growing warmer over time?
Receipt – Business form acknowledging cash received
losses – sell an asset and receive less for the asset than the amount the asset was reported on the balance sheet
Average cost method – An inventory costing method that uses the weighted-average unit cost to allocate the cost of goods available for sale to ending inventory and cost of goods sold.
#5. The nature of an asset is best described as: – an economic resource owned by a business and expected to benefit future operations
Straight-line depreciation method – Method that allocates an equal portion of the depreciable cost of plant asset (cost minus salvage) to each accounting period in its useful life
Accоrding tо the theоry of globаl wаrming, which pаrt of Earth is growing warmer over time?
In your own words be able to explain: – 14.

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