Accounting Terminology

Sales Journal. – A book of original entry used for the recording of sales of merchandise on credit only.
Financing – Dividends paid to shareholder
Capital stock – total shares of ownership in a corporation.
prorated – وزع بالنسب
Statement of Financial Position – what are the other names for balance sheet
publicly held corp. – a corp. that allows anyone to purchase their stock
bond trading is done on… – national securities exchange
Prepaid expenses – Balance sheet
current assets
Give the name for SnO.
Days in Inventory – 365/ Inventory Turnover Ratio
Depreciation – Expense created by allocating the cost of plant and equipment to periods in which they are used. Represents the expense of using the asset
rental revenue – Income statement
Other revenues and gains
Ethics – Code of conduct that addresses the question of whether actions are right or wrong.
Give the nаme fоr SnO.
Bookkeeping – The recording of business data in a prescribed manner

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