Accounting Chapter 4

JJ White planned to use $82 of material per unit but actually used $80 of material per unit, and planned to make 1,200 units but actually made 1,000 units.

The flexible-budget variance is:
a. $2,000 favorable
b. $14,000 unfavorable
c. $16,400 unfavorable
d. $2,400 favorable – a. $2,000 favorable

Deferred Revenue – Cash received for services that will be performed later
inversiones permanentes – long-term investments
operating account – işletme hesabı
A planned process for providing financial information that will be useful to management – Accounting System
Liabilities – An amount owed by a business
The payment of rent by cash is recorded – Debit rent expense and credit cash
Financing – Notes Payable issued for borrowing cash
Melanocytes and keratinocytes work together in protecting the skin from UV damage when keratinocytes ________.
General Journal – Used when a transactions can't be classified in 1 of the 4 special journals
credit – A amount recorded on the right side of an account
purchase discounts are: – credits to merchandise purchase account
support departments – units within an organization that provide
essential support services for producing departments.
authorize – وُكَّل ، مُفوّض
Melаnоcytes аnd kerаtinоcytes wоrk together in protecting the skin from UV damage when keratinocytes ________.
Assets – The things one owns are
Stockholders' Equity (Owners' Equity) – Indicates the amount of financing provided by owners of the business and earnings. Is the sum of the contribute capital + the retained earnings.
tax reduction – vergi indirimi
personality – a set of unique qualities that makes a person different from all other people

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