The only difference between the static budget and flexible budget is that the static budget is prepared using planned output. – True
Insurance expense – as part of operating expenses
Monetary Unit Principle – The monetary unit principle requires that the accounting records are expressed in terms of money. Accounting reports should all be prepared using a single currency.
financial accountant – Finanzbuchhalter
business entity concept – A concept of accounting that limits the economic data in the accounting system to data related directly to the activites of a specific business or entity.
account – a record of increases and decreases in a specific asset, liability, equity, revenue or expense item
The Konigsberg Bridge Problem was solved by:
MOH – Includes indirect labor & materials costs & other overhead costs
dividends – Distribution of a corporation's earning to stockholders.
C &I – ADR times occupancy times days in the month
comptroller – hesap kontrol memuru
Electronic Fund Transfer – a computerized cash payment
rents, comissions – operating income, income
The Kоnigsberg Bridge Prоblem wаs sоlved by:
withdrawals – Assets taken out of a business for the owners personal use

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