statement of cash flows – it shows where the company's cash comes from and what the cash was used for during a period of time, it is NOT cumulative
Price-Earnings Ratio – (Share Price)/(Diluted Earnings Per Share)
*The higher, the more the market suggests
Trademarks – intangible asset; use a symbol or name
EBIT Margin Ratio(Relative measure) – EBIT/Sales
An error in the ending inventory of the current period will have no effect on net income of the next accounting period.
A. True
B. False – FALSE
Amortization – matching costs of using intangible assets (other than Goodwill) to the periods benefitted from their use.
Cost Principle – value of accounts are shown according to the actual costs, not the current value (which would include the expense of depreciation).
What is an income? – An income is the increase in economic benefits during a specific financial time period. Incomes are derived from business activities such as selling a product or rendering a service. Put differently, incomes increase the owners equity of the business.
Owner's equity – the amount remaining after teh value of all liabilities is subtracted from the value of all assets
Fill in the blanks with the present tense form of the verbs. A Juan y a Bella __________(encantar) ir al cine.
When a proprietor makes initial investment or subsequent investments in a business – Permanent capital
accrued liabilites – expenses incurred but not yet recorded or paid are recorded
withdrawal – assets taken from a business for the owners personal use
Restrictive Endorsment – An endorsment restricting further transfer of a check's ownership
Fill in the blаnks with the present tense fоrm оf the verbs. A Juаn y а Bella __________(encantar) ir al cine.
Venture Capital firms – Firms that buy a portion of ownership of the company
account payable – an unwritten promise to pay creditors for property such as merchandise, supplies or equipment purchased on credit, or for services received on credit

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